About us

Our Mission

Ailaysa has embarked on the mission of breaking down the language barriers with a right combination of artificial intelligence and human expertise. It’s our belief that everyone in the world should benefit from the latest advances in the game-changing AI-driven translation (aka Machine Translation).

Ailaysa is the first platform to focus exclusively on offering machine translation post-editing (MTPE). Our expert human editors from around the world use state-of-the-art MT applications developed by global tech giants to bring you superior and faster language services at unbeatable prices.

Ailaysa is an independent division of Langscape Language Solutions Pvt Ltd (LLSP), a private limited liability company registered in India, armed with 20-some years of experience in the international translation services industry.

Our office in Chennai functions as the global service hub.

And what does Ailaysa mean?

Ailaysa is a rhyming word repeated in the work songs of the Tamil Coromandel fishermen in South Asia. The word beginning with ‘Ai’ is purely incidental!

What is Ailaysa

What is Ailaysa?

Artificial intelligence and human expertise team up to make translation accurate, faster, and cheaper.Machine Translation Post-Editing is here to stay.

Reap the benefits of MTPE and start your translation project now.